Charity Check Provides Options for Full Networking to Complete Privacy
  •     Full Networking
    Full Networking allows you to share your data with other Charity Check users to avoid duplication of services. Unless requested, this is our default membership.
  •     Private Categories
    This module allows those with Full Networking to select individual service categories, such as "Medical", to be marked as Private. The entering agency can still view all of their data but clients with services marked as private are blocked from viewing by other Charity Check users.
  •     Full Confidential
    Our confidential account assures that all of your data remains private and is not shared with or viewable by other Charity Check users.
  •     Confidential Group
    For those who wish to share with a select group of users, our Confidential Group meets that need. A secure code is added to group members allowing them to share information but blocking all other Charity Check users.
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